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Hamper McBee Moonshine Exhibit

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Local legend, Hamper McBee, while working his way thru several 6 packs, tells us how his Tennessee Moonshine will “Slap You In The Creek.” But, it's not the moonshine that Hamper is all about, Hamper’s unique story telling, singing, and all-round common sense approach to life makes him the legend that all who know him, love and adore... and his reputation is still a’growin’ with every visitor to these woods.

Hamper’s wonderful, witty common sense approach to life and his spirit will always be a’rambling ‘round these Tennessee Mountain backwoods, hollows, and creeks.

Take home a little bit of Hamper’s wit and wisdom, buy his DVD, watch it often. You won’t get tired of Hamper’s pure and honest Tennessee Mountain Folk Storytellin’ and Singin’.

The Moonshine Exhibit area contains photos, vintage authentic old stills in several sizes and configurations, video presentation of Hamper McBee tellin’ you how to make his liker’, T-shirts, mugs, shot glasses, and a whole lot more. A great side trip you’ll remember for a while to come.

While you’re here, be sure to taste some of our moonshiners barbecue sauce!

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Hamper McBee Story Teller, Folk Singer, Moon shiner
Hamper McBee
Jim Oliver and Hamper McBee 1963 gettin' ready to haul
Buncom Garner helping Hamper set up the still
Hamper McBee Moonshiner
R O Wilson and Hamper McBee built the stills at the Worlds Fair in 1982
Moonshine makin
Ralph Garner set up this still at the Smoke House
Moonshine Stills were often built in very remote areas of the mountains
Tennessee Moonshine
A moonshiner's work view at dusk
Moonshine Hauling
An old truck once used for haulin shine now sits in the field with new friends
Moonshine Stills
Old stills waiting for a new use
Moonshine Still
New still makin liquor, old copper, new heat source
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Hamper McBee Moonshine Exhibit
6:30 AM - 9:00 PM Central Time
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