A mural that can be found in downtown Trenton, Tennessee
Photo Credit: Greta Hollar

Gibson County, Tennessee is Home to These Charming Small Towns

Find murals, an extensive teapot collection and fun festivals.

Tennessee’s small towns are a traveler’s dream. You get a slower pace, authentic hospitality and being able to hear the stories behind music venues, boutiques and other businesses. Cheers had it right when they said: “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.”

If you want everyone to know your name, Gibson County is the place. Humboldt and Trenton, two popular small towns in the county, have warm and friendly townspeople, great places to eat and shop and more. Read about all the cool things you can do on a day trip below.


Where to Shop

Children's fashions at The Peppermint Pony
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The Peppermint Pony

This children’s boutique makes custom infant and children’s clothing. The pieces are on the dressier side and are perfect for a wedding, baptism or holiday.

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Little girl dresses at Lyla & Lane
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Lyla & Lane

Lyla & Lane is another children’s boutique on Main Street with a focus on casual clothing. This is the cutest shop, perfect if you have youngsters in your life.

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Cards and gifts at City Gift Company
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City Gift Company

A local Hallmark store, City Gift has cards, clothing, and more. They’re also the perfect place to stop and get some great strawberry-inspired items for the town’s Strawberry Festival that happens each May. This year’s festival is slated for May 5, 2019.

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Home decor pieces, serving trays and wood signs on display at Creative Accents.
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Creative Accents

A clothing boutique, an office supply shop, and a home decor mecca all in one space. Creative Accents has it all. They have wonderfully curated pieces that will tempt you to buy as soon as you walk in the door.

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Fine jewelry on display at Brasfield's Jewelry
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Brasfield's Jewelry

A family-owned business, Brasfield’s Jewelry has been in business since 1959. They have a variety of costume jewelry and fine jewelry. They also have the prettiest engagement rings for couples looking to take the next step.

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A long hallway filled with women's styles of shoes.
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Simmons Shoe Store

Another family-owned business, Simmons is off of Main Street and has a wide variety of shoes. You can spend hours in there trying on all the different styles and enjoying the staff’s company. They are so friendly and helpful.

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ABLE leather goods and a gingham shirt on display at Main Boutique.
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Main Boutique

This boutique is located next to The Coffee Shop and carry ABLE leather goods, fun statement earrings and fashion-forward clothing pieces.

Where to Eat/Sip

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Sandwich, chips, muffin and frappachino from The Coffee Shop.
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The Coffee Shop

If you need a caffeine boost after or during your shopping trip, head to The Coffee Shop. This is a large, airy space and you can find local working around the fire or girlfriends catching up over lunch. They have coffee, milkshakes with Bluebell Ice Cream, and sandwiches, soups and salads.

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The vineyards with a picnic lunch at Crown Winery
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Crown Winery

Crown Winery is the “it” place on a weekend. They have delicious wines, homemade pizza, and their Cranberry Rosé is to die for. They can also set up private events in the vineyard for bachelorette parties or girl’s nights. They’re open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

What to Do

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Pottery class at Alsobrook Art Supply
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Alsobrook Art Supply

Recently relocating to Main Street, Alsobrook is the new kid on the block. You can take pottery classes there or go and watch the potters work.

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The marquee outside The Plaza Theater showing Captain Marvel, Run the Race, and Madea Family Funeral
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The Plaza Theater

The Plaza is a theater located on Main Street. If you’re traveling with children, you won’t have to worry about movie content as all films shown are kid-friendly. 

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Various paintings and sketches framed on display walls at West Tennessee Regional Art Center
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West Tennessee Regional Art Center

- If you’re looking for some unique art from local to well-known artists, you’ll find it at West Tennessee Regional Art Center. The only museum with a permanent fine art collection between Nashville and Memphis, the art center houses art created by artists like Red Grooms, Carroll Cloar, Jimmie Lee Suddeth and moire. The curator, Bill, is so knowledgeable and can give a detailed backstory on each piece. Start at the second floor with the art gallery and work your way to the first floor and basement. You’ll see paintings, sculptures, multimedia pieces and more.

Strawberry Festival Historical Museum - Humboldt is home of the Strawberry Festival each May and the museum pays homage to the festival’s history along with the local military history and artifacts from the B.C. Jarrell & Sons Box Company which has been a Humboldt staple since 1870. They’re open 2-4 p.m. Monday-Wednesday or by appointment.

After exploring Humboldt, make the approximately 20-minute drive north to Trenton, Tennessee for shopping, mural hunting and museums.


Where to Shop

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Exterior store displays with bright children's clothes at Debbie's Youth Shop
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Debbie's Youth Shop

Debbie’s is Trenton’s one-stop shop for children’s clothing. They have something for the girly girl with frilly, floral dresses and the active boy with Under Armor tees and basketball shorts. They also have adorable accessories like bows, sunglasses, shoes, stuffed animals and more.

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Handbags on display at Ivy Gate in Trenton, Tennessee
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Ivy Gate

Connected to Debbie’s, Ivy Gate has kitchen utensils, plates, garden decor, Hobo bags and wallets, candles and figurines. Shop around for the perfect gift and make sure to spend time talking to Debbie Finch, the owner of Ivy Gate. How she came to own the boutique is a fascinating story.

Where to Eat

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The coffee bar at To The Last Drop Coffee Shop in Trenton, TN
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To The Last Drop Coffee Shop

A little while ago, a California native moved to Trenton and decided to open a restaurant/coffee shop with her husband. You’ll find panini sandwiches, coffee drinks, and fruit smoothies on the menu. Locals rave about the breakfast burritos as well.

What to Do

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A large display case of Veilleuses-Theieres – teapots featuring figurines in Trenton, Tennessee
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Trenton Teapot Museum

Did you know the world’s largest collection of Veilleuses-Theieres – teapots featuring figurines - are in a museum in Trenton? Learn about Dr. Freed, a Trenton native and a collector of these fun decorative teapots. These teapots have two sections: the bottom housed whale oil which would heat up the top where tea or soup was poured. There are over 500 teapots in the museum and they’re all so different and beautiful. Spend some time walking around and enjoying these works of art. Be sure to attend the Trenton Teapot Festival, an annual event, that takes place April 28-May 4, 2019. 

Next to The Last Drop Coffee Shop, you’ll find a cool mural that represents Trenton. If you look carefully, you’ll see one of the teapots from the Teapot museum that tells the story of Trenton.

By the time you leave Gibson County, everyone will know your name. You’ll be charmed with these darling towns and their hospitality.

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