15 Reasons to Consume Smoothies

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Smoothies are our business. Using whole fruits and vegetables, or 100% juices, making your smoothie fresh according to order, so nothing swirling around for hours; and we add no sugar, so just natural goodness. We also have nutritious food like Florentine Chicken pie, rice bowls, salads, soups, and much more. You can order in or out, you can come in or call in. A great home-town environment where people get to know your name and you get to know theirs, because everyone still likes going to a place where everyone knows their name. We also have a market with products that encourage activity and well-being, like the Simply Fit board and all natural and 100% essential oil soaps and lotions. Welcome to our open floor market and kitchen. Watch us make your smoothie.

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Orangesikle smoothie
Craving a Dreamsikle? Meet Orangesikle.
Strawberry smoothie
Just Strawberry or add additional fruit or natural peanut butter.
Key-Lime smoothie
Tackle Thirsty
Scary Good!
Peaches, spinach, kale, and ginger = Yum!
Melody's Treasure
Raspberry, 60% chocolate, & oats is Delish!
Our Famous  Chicken Salad
Eat Fresh, either on tomato wedges or on sourdough.
Florentine Chicken Pie
Eat Healthy! Spinach, artichokes, tomatoes, cheeses, & Italian spices. Oh, so good!
Best-in-Town Chili
Mouth-watering home-made chili sauce. Add some hot pickles and out of this world, GOOD!
Fresh Salads
Fresh , nutritious and sooooo good!
Almond Butter
Try our in-store made almond butter on a piece of wheat toast with banana and a smear of honey.
Hearty Omelet
Filling, delicious, fresh veggies & cheese in 3 eggs served with salsa.
Granola Bar
We make our own granola. Have it in our granola bar, our Power Bar, or even in some oatmeal.
We offer sustenance, not air.
Blackberry Cobbler
The Smoothie Patch
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