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Walk among the enigmatic ghosts of the Smokey Mountains

Gatlinburg, Tennessee should not have this many ghosts. Come and see this tiny town and the dark woods surrounding it which host mysteries known only to the hermit-like early inhabitants of this suspicious community. Feuds, witches and ancient Scots – Celtic traditions live on in this remote corner of the Smoky mountains.

Gatlinburg’s colorful past is filled with vengeful Cherokee spirits, wandering phantom pioneers, sobbing ghosts, and much more.  Join Gatlinburg Haunt's Ghost Tours to visit some of the most haunted historical locations in Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains.

What makes Gatlinburg so haunted?

In a city with such a vibrant and modern tourist scene, separating the dark history of Gatlinburg from its ski-resort façade can be pretty difficult. Gatlinburg Haunts Ghost Tours takes an unflinching look at the dark points in the city’s history that others would simply ignore on their way to a fancy chain restaurant. Dating back to the early 19th century, the town has lived through the some of the darkest periods of American history and come out the other side. Even as the area is developed more and more, remnants of its tragic history poke through to the surface, whether through an aging cemetery (one of the oldest in the state), ancient blood-curdling Cherokee monsters, or the gory horrors of an old battlefield. Our unique tour along the iconic strip will explore the existential dread that frays at the edges of the town’s easily digestible tourist fair. You may come to Gatlinburg expecting a quaint little tourist town, but on our tour, you will learn that there is much more to the Gateway to the Smokies than meets the eye, and you may not like what you see.

Tour Info

The standard tour takes you to 8 separate haunted locations around the Gatlinburg Strip, each with its own unique and twisted history. The extended tour begins immediately after the standard tour ends, and it takes you to four more locations with their own tales of violence and terror.  Our standard Gatlinburg Ghost Tour is a total round trip of 1.0 mile and should take about an hour. That’s one whole hour of terrifying stories and possible sightings of the vile spirits that haunt the strip. The extended tour tacks on an extra half a mile to the total tour distance, and adds another 30 minutes to your nightmare.

The Gatlinburg Ghosts tour shows you all the beauty of Gatlinburg, while showing you that not everything in town is as harmless as it seems. The tour is a great way for first-time visitors to see the sights and is also an excellent source of fun for visitors who’ve been around the block a few times.

This tour is perfect for families, friends, and acquaintances alike! Feel free to bring the kids, they won’t get too scared. We have limited openings for each tour and they fill up fast, so visit our website at to reserve your spot today!

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