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Take Company Distilling whiskey on your next Tennessee vacation.

Tennessee Distillery Opening New Locations Across the State

Company Distilling is on track to open three new distilleries in Tennessee

Tennessee has big news for whiskey lovers, and it was created right here locally in The Volunteer State. Company Distilling launched its new straight bourbon whiskey in 2021, and the company is on track to open three new distillery locations in Tennessee that will delight whiskey fans from around the globe.

About Company Distilling

The Story Behind the Bourbon

Craft spirits flow freely in Tennessee, but it wasn't always this way. Back in 2009, Tennessee had only three distilleries. One of the founders of Company Distilling wrote and championed Senate Bill 1955, and with it they changed legislation keeping a cork on creative craft spirits in Tennessee. That legislative action paved the way for Company Distilling to arrive on the scene.

Master Tennessee Distillers are behind Company Distilling’s unique Tennessee taste.

In Good Company

While the name Company Distilling might be new, there's a wealth of knowledge behind it. Master Distiller Jeff Arnett spent two decades working at Jack Daniel Distillery, helping expand the whiskey maker’s portfolio from three products to 11 and winning Master Distiller of the Year in 2017.

Though it was his dream job, Arnett had an idea for another spirit swirling in the back of his mind for years – straight bourbon whiskey, fully matured in oak barrels and finished with maple wood.

He wanted to build a new brand from the ground up and produce a sip like no other. Additional members of Company Distilling's founding team include Kris Tatum, former president of the Tennessee Distillers Guild; Heath Clark, founder of H. Clark Distillery; Corey Clayton, an accomplished construction management professional; and Kevin Clayton, CEO of Clayton Homes.

A Bourbon Born in Tennessee

Despite facing supply chain challenges amid a global pandemic, Company Distilling announced in November 2021 that its inaugural product – straight bourbon whiskey – would be available across Tennessee. Complex and smooth, it opens with sweet notes of caramel and cinnamon toast paired with green apple and finishes with a silky blend of oak and maple.

Company Distilling will expand its product launch into Georgia in February 2022, with more states to follow. Visit for specific product location information.

Get a local taste of Tennessee with Company Distilling’s whiskey, finished with maple wood.

A Unique Approach To Whiskey

  • Why Maple?

Many Tennessee distillers utilize maple to filter their whiskey, but Company uses it to enhance its bourbon whiskey. Like oak, maple tends to have both sweet and finishing notes that are unique and well-balanced. Toasted maple adds complexity without being overwhelming. Company's straight bourbon whiskey has an approachable complexity that helps bring people together, whether you're a novice or a whiskey connoisseur.

  • Why Wheat?

Most bourbons are produced using corn, malted barley and rye. Unlike rye, which tends to be peppery and spicy in character, wheat has a softer and more approachable nature that works well with the maple wood finishing.

H Clark Distillery became Company Distilling in Thompson’s Station, TN.

Company Distilling Locations To Visit Across Tennessee

Company Distilling's goal is to create great spirits that make people want to gather around. And they know bringing people together means one location isn't enough.

Thompson’s Station Distillery

Located in the charming and picturesque town of Thompson’s Station, H Clark Distillery became Company Distilling in 2021. They craft their spirits in the same building local farmers used to house grains before loading them on the railroad for sale generations ago. It’s only fitting that the distillery is located in the same old building, using grains to create high-quality spirits to Gather Aroundô.

Townsend Distillery

There's nowhere quite as scenic and peaceful as the Great Smoky Mountains. That's one reason Company Distilling chose Townsend for the location of its first newly constructed distillery, which will celebrate its grand opening in May 2022. The Townsend distillery features a 4,000-square-foot tasting room situated at the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Visitors have easy access to cycling, running and mountain biking and hiking trails, thanks to the distillery's idyllic location along the picturesque Townsend Greenway. Blount County's ample natural resources such as wood and water lend themselves perfectly to Company's commitment to sustainability.

Get a local taste of Tennessee with Company Distilling’s whiskey, finished with maple wood.

“In 1900, when someone looked at the trees around here, they saw an opportunity – a resource that would help them earn a living,” says Jeff Arnett, Company Distilling’s Master Distiller. “We see the same thing. It's just a different kind of opportunity. It used to be about bringing trees to people, by the cord, ton or board foot. Today, it's more about bringing people to the trees – creating spirits thoughtfully, on the quiet side of the Smokies, so people can enjoy them surrounded by spruce, fir and hardwood. We're making sure whatever success we have can be shared by everyone else in our neck of the woods. Because what's really in it for us goes far beyond just us.”